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Solitaire, a popular game the world over, is known by many names, including Klondike, Patience, Canfield, Chinaman, Demon and Fascination. It has thousands of variations and was used for relaxation by great figures such as Napoleon, Metternich, Paganini and Churchill.

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Casino Solitaire
Casino Solitaire Play NOW
Solitaire has thousands of variations and was used for relaxation by great figures such as Napoleon, Metternich, Paganini and Churchill. Casino Solitaire adds excitement to this engaging pastime by pitting the player against the house to win real money for every card put up on the four foundations. (Suit Stacks).

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    Play and Win Solitaire

    Solitaire is also known as “Patience”. It literally means that you need to have a lot of patience to win solitaire. This is the most played card game. The game has many forms or variants. To win solitaire you need to know the basics of the game, which is described below.

    The aim of the solitaire game is to make the original layout of cards. When you succeed to make a series of hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs, the game is won. In short, to win solitaire you need to make 4 piles of 13 cards of the same suit and color and in proper rank.

    In a solitaire game a pack of 52 cards is used. First deal 28 cards in 7 piles. From left to right cards will be dealt in ascending numbers. So the number of cards in 7 piles from left to right would be 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. Cards will be dealt randomly. At first deal lay 7 cards in 7 piles. Then deal 6 cards in 6 piles leaving the first card on the left. After that deal 5 and so on. Deal all cards face down. And after the deal face up the top most card of each pile. The remaining 24 cards of the pack is called the stockpile. Out of 7 piles and the stockpile you have to create 4 original layout piles according to suit and color.

    There are many variants of solitaire. The most played variant is called ‘Klondike’’. There are some more variants like ‘Canfield’, ‘Accordion’, Forty Thieves’, ‘Spider’ etc. People play solitaire in homes and social gatherings. In casinos also solitaire is played. Nowadays online casinos are available. So you may play and win solitaire at an online casino over the Internet. Operating Systems like Windows offer solitaire as a computer game. During your free time for fun you can play the game on your computer.