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3 Card Vegas Solitaire - Wie man dieses Spiel spielt

Wie man dieses Spiel spielt

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 3 Card Vegas Solitaire  Casino Glamour  
3 Card Vegas Solitaire
Jetzt Spielen Casino GlamourCasino Glamour Paramount Holdings NVParamount Holdings NV    Solitaire

Wie man dieses Spiel spielt

  • Foundation Stacks: Build up in matching suit from Ace to King.
  • Tableau Columns: Build down with alternating color in descending rank.
  • Click and drag to move cards or double-click to auto-move.
  • Move Kings to empty Columns.
  • Consolidate Columns to reveal face-down cards.
  • Make 3 pass through the Stock Pile drawing 3 cards at a time.
  • Cannot split Column builds.
  • Cannot move cards off of Foundations onto Tableau.
  • Multiple Undo - may undo every move up to last reveal (may not undo a reveal).
  • Use Game Options to turn on hints and other helpful features.

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