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Solitaire Rush - Come giocare a questo gioco

Come giocare a questo gioco

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Solitaire Rush
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Come giocare a questo gioco

If you have a choice of two cards to use from the tableau, take the one that has the most face-down cards underneath it.

Avoid moving cards to the foundation if you might need them later in the tableau. For example, don't move a red five to the foundation until you're sure you won't need it in the tableau to hold a black four.

Once you've gained some points, minimize your trips through the hand. In the 1-Card variation, you'll lose 100 points each time you go through the hand after the first time. In the 3-Card variation, you'll lose 20 points each time you go through the hand after the third time.

Use double-click or right-click to quickly move cards to the foundation.

If you're playing the 3-Card variation, and you have a good memory, you might want to go through the entire hand before you move a single card.

In the 3-Card variation, when you remove a card from the wastepile, it will cause different cards to appear the next time you go through the hand - but only beginning from the point in the hand where you just removed the card. This may help or hurt, depending on your current situation.

In the 3-Card variation, it is sometimes useful to leave a card in the wastepile even if you have a place for it in the tableau, so that you can remove that card from the wastepile at a later point in order to "shake up" the hand.

If you have a choice of two cards to use from the tableau, and both cards are covering an equal number of face-down cards, then you should choose the card from the leftmost pile. Solitaire card decks are selected by a proprietary patent-pending computer algorithm in a way that assures this to be the optimal and correct strategy.

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