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Golf Solitaire
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Règles de Jeu

The playing area is composed of the tableau, the draw pile, and the waste pile:

35 cards are dealt into the tableau, in 7 columns of 5 cards each. The remaining 17 cards become the draw pile. The top card in the draw pile is revealed to start the waste pile.

Move free cards from the tableau to the waste pile. A free card in the tableau is one which is not covered by another card. You can play any free card which is either one higher or one lower than the top card in the waste pile. For example, if the top card in the waste pile was a 10, you could move any 9 or any Jack onto it. The colors and suits of the cards do not matter.

If you have no moves that you can make from the tableau, draw a new card from the draw pile, and continue.

In the "Wrapping" variation, Aces are both high and low. That is, Aces can be played on top of both Kings and 2's, and vice versa.

In the "No Wrapping" variation, Aces are always low. An Ace can only be played on a 2, never on a King. Further more, although a King can be played on a Queen, nothing can be played on a King. A King always ends a sequence, and you must draw a new card from the draw pile to continue playing.

Our proprietary difficulty-rating system has rated nearly 3 million card shuffles for Golf Solitaire. Everyone in a given tournament will receive a shuffle with the same difficulty rating.

Your game clock starts out at 3 minutes and begins counting down as soon as the cards are dealt.

The game ends when all cards have been moved from the tableau to the waste pile, or when time runs out, or when all cards have been used from the draw pile and there are no moves remaining.

Game Controls
Click any free card in the tableau. If it is a legal move, the card will move to the waste pile. Or, you can type "1" through "7", corresponding to the numbers engraved over each column in the tableau.

To turn over the next card in the draw pile, click on it, or hit the space bar on your keyboard.

You can use the Undo button in the lower left corner, or type "U", to take back one move. You cannot Undo the turning over of a card from the draw pile.

You can select your choice of card deck and card back before you start playing the game. Click the Customize button that appears next to the Start button. Golf Solitaire includes a special golf-themed card deck!

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