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Solitaire Rush
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Regole di Gioco

The setup for Solitaire Rush is to deal out 28 of the 52 cards into a "tableau". The first pile is a single card, face up; the second pile is two cards, the top one face up; the third pile is three cards, the top one face up; etc. The remaining 24 cards form the hand.

Cards in the tableau can be placed on other cards in the tableau by building downward and alternating colors. For example, either red eight could be placed on either black nine, or either black jack could be placed on either red queen. You can move more than one card at a time; for instance, a pile containing an 8 of hearts/7 of spades/6 of diamonds could be picked up and placed on a 9 of spades. When a card in the tableau has been moved to expose a downward-facing card, that card can be turned face-up. Whenever a card in the tableau has been moved to create an empty slot, that slot can be filled with any king (plus any cards that have been built onto that king).

To move cards to the foundation you must start each foundation pile with the aces of each suit. Once an ace has been moved to the foundation, a two of that same suit can be placed on the ace, and so forth, ending with the king. Once a card has been placed on the foundation, it can be moved back to the tableau, but a point penalty will be assessed for this action.

When there are no moves to make in the tableau, you go through the hand, turning up either one card (in the 1-card variation) or three cards (in the 3-card variation), putting them face up into a pile called the wastepile. The top card of this wastepile is available to move to the tableau or to one of the foundation piles, if there is a place for it. Moving a card off the wastepile exposes the next card in the waste pile, making it available for placement. When you have gone through all the cards in the hand, you can go through the pile again; note that, in the 1-card variation, there is a hefty point penalty for this.

Play continues until you play out (that is, all 52 cards are in the foundation), or until you get stuck and click the "End Game" button, or until time runs out. You have 5 minutes to complete every game of Solitaire Rush.

Game Controls
Click and drag to move a single card from the tableau to another spot in the tableau, from the tableau to the foundation, from the wastepile to the tableau, or from the wastepile to foundation.

To move a group of cards within the tableau, click on the highest card in the group, and drag it to the destination card.

To reveal a face-down card in the tableau, just click on it.

To move the next card from the hand to the wastepile (or, in the 3-card variation, to move the next three cards from the hand to the wastepile), just click on the hand. To return the wastepile to the depleted hand, just click on the empty spot.

If you double-click on a (non-buried) card in the tableau, or the top card in the wastepile, and there is a spot in the foundation for that card, that card is immediately moved to the foundation. Clicking a card with the right mouse button also has this affect.

Use the Undo button to take back a move as long as that move did not reveal the identity of an unseen card. When the previous move revealed a hidden card, such as turning over a card on the tableau, the Undo button will be grayed out.

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